About Us

We help courageous leaders to discover how their awareness, resilience, and vulnerability can create more fulfilling and sustainable growth.

From our early beginnings, we have been passionate about the process of positive, continuous change and the impact it has on business and those connected to it.

Now more than ever we see the need for greater focus on ‘why’ founders are in business in the first place and how that manifests into positive outcomes.

Our focus is on three key areas that we believe define the potential success of any organisation and will enable leaders to meet their own goals and support the goals of their teams.

Leadership: Redefining leadership.

We believe that the core of any successful business is leadership; engaged, fulfilled and focused leadership. We work alongside leaders to understand what they want from their business, what drives them and how they can develop a greater connection to outcomes.

Strategy: Creating a fulfilling journey.

Once you understand why you are in business and what drives you we work with you to create that pathway to meeting your goals and the goals of the business. Great minds and missions need simple, clear plans to get there. Calm the chaos and focus on the actions.

Brand Strategy: Authentic stories

Any great mission creates a story, something that people can connect with and belong too for you, your team, your customers and beyond. Rather than creating stories just to sell, we help you create stories to connect.

When you combine these three key pillars you align to create a greater sense of direction that can help you overcome any barrier and create a business that can be profitable, purposeful and above all fulfilling.
We are Waking Giants.

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